It's that time of year where the wind is picking up, and flurries are more than a whisper away, but with those beautiful flakes comes harsh driving conditions. Here in Macomb, we are no stranger to the bustle of the holidays, so while winterizing your car this year, you should grab a pair of hand selected winter wiper blades at Jaguar Lakeside. They have a vast selection of blades for every model. Winter wiper blades are crafted to handle anything this season throws at you, even Grandma's fruit cake!


These wiper blades are important to replace during this season as conditions decline to improve visibility and safety while driving. Made from a durable, yet softer rubber than typical blades, this allows for the blade to flex and glide over the snow and ice buildup on your windshield with ease. They are strong enough to remove snow from your windshield without bending and withstand ice buildup on the blade disallowing tears and rips in the blade itself, all while leaving your windshield free of snow and other buildup which can cause streaks making visibility decline.


Admist all the chaos this season, ensuring your safety has never been more important to the staff at Jaguar Lakeside. So, allow us to help you find the perfect pair of Winder Wiper Blades and all your car winterizing needs for the holidays!

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