One look around the premium cabin of the Jaguar XE and you will immediately know that you are in for something special. This luxury performance sedan boasts a number of expertly crafted design features tailored to appeal to even the most discerning driver. The attentive associates at Jaguar Lakeside are eager to invite you into our showroom and demonstrate to you the true luxury of this venerable vehicle.

The interior of the Jaguar XE is crafted with the finest hide in the UK and Italy. This premium sourcing delivers a natural and supple feel. The patented twin-needle leather stitching supports more durability while also showcasing the distinctive look of the interior.

The five-passenger XE sedan is 183.9 inches long by 77.4 inches wide, providing ample space for all passengers to stretch out comfortably. The spacious 16.1 cubic feet of trunk space ensures that the XE is ready for any road adventure.



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