The Jaguar is a big cat that is known for its agility, grace, and prowess, and the popular luxury sedan, the Jaguar XJ, has exterior features that mimic some of the animal's best qualities. The Jaguar XJ has features that give it a streamlined look, yet other features accent a more assertive nature.

The body of the vehicle has a slick, streamlined look that's similar to that of the cat. It has a floating roofline that underscores the sleekness of the vehicle. The roofline continues into the rear window without a break for a truly svelte appearance.

And if you want the prowess of the Jaguar cat exemplified in the Jaguar XJ, then take a look at the front bumper. The black grill mesh and chrome add an assertive touch. Not only is the Jaguar XJ an elegant piece of machinery, but it's built to handle the road and driving conditions that are thrown its way.



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