The XJ is Jaguar's flagship full-size luxury sedan. This cat has been engineered with both performance and luxury in mind. Our team in Macomb found it surprising how well the XJ handled.

The Jaguar XJ is made mostly of aluminum and up to 50% of the aluminum used in the XJ is from recycled sources. This helps to keep the weight down in the XJ, providing a sportier and more fuel-efficient ride. The XJ can also be had with all-wheel drive. This helps to make the XJ a better everyday performer, no matter the weather. The all-wheel-drive system can detect if one wheel loses grip and it automatically sends more torque to the other wheels to pull the vehicle out of the slippery situation. The all-wheel-drive system is more efficient if you adjust what drive mode you are driving in.

Stop by Jaguar Lakeside and take the XJ for a test drive. If you have any questions regarding the XJ our team will be more than happy to answer them for you.



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